Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Another whirlwind of a day! We were all over the garden doing everything from harvesting to fertilizing to watering. We are definitely in harvesting and preserving mode. We sliced, cooked down and bagged eight huge trays of tomatoes. Once we tasted them, we couldn't stop eating them - we even drank the juice which tastes like a power-shot of nutrition and good health. Yum! We also grated and froze 5 gallons of yellow squash and picked up apples from the ground to be made into applesauce next week. Mitchell and Shay spent most of the time burning our brush pile which contained mostly apple prunings. It was a huge job but now the area looks neat and clean. We even started a new batch of fermented pickles with extra garlic and dill because we have eaten almost all of the previous batch. And those three dehydrators full of Holy Basil from yesterday? They are now dried and bagged and ready for tea.          -Celia

A tray of tomatoes ready for roasting

After roasting - delicious!

Sunflower heads are drying

Cucumbers, dill and garlic from the garden are combined
in a new batch of fermented pickles

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