Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday August 18, 2011

      Today was another whirlwind of a day! Because it was raining,we started by sorting a variety of plastic containers that had been donated to the garden. Tamara and Carly made a special birthday zucchini bread for Colin who turned 18 today. Then we went out to harvest tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. After that we bagged some (cooked & cooled) apples from Monday and put them in the freezer, along with the tomatoes we roasted on Monday. Then we started right in on another batch of tomatoes - slicing, salting and roasting until fragrant and delicious. We also added more cucumbers to our bucket pickles, managed to grate several gallons of yellow squash for freezing and sliced and froze two trays of hot peppers. Today was Julia's last day with us as she is getting ready to go away to Juniata College. I will really miss everything that she has contributed to the garden, not just this summer, but many years past.
      After our regular hours, Julia, Carly and Raina stayed to help with some before-school-starts cleaning and organizing. Raina and Julia totally reorganized the shed while Carly and I took everything out of the  kitchen cabinets and reorganized those as well. It was an amazing transformation in both cases. Thank you Julia, Carly and Raina!!!!!!                           -Celia

Mitchell, Pio and Willie harvest tomatoes
Is Pio juggling them?

Raw tomatoes, red and gold
Celia scoops out cooked tomatoes
Julia, Raina, Pio, Willie and Mitchell slice up hot peppers.
Note that they are wearing gloves to protect their hands

Beazy, the garden cat, in the Tithonia
Cards for Colin for his birthday and Julia on her last day
Carly made these beautiful creations
Colin with his birthday zucchini bread, freshly made, still warm!

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