Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

       Gardeners always seem to acquire lots of extra fencing, posts and hoses that can be unsightly when not in use. We have a beautiful shed to hold all of our tools and other supplies but the fencing and posts never fit inside it. Instead, they are stacked behind it and I have to admit, it's not very pretty. So today we decided to create a willow screen to help to block the view of our little "junkyard". Mitchell, Megan, Colin and Julia took a few 1" X 1" posts, some willow from the garden and a few nails and created a beautifully rustic screen. See photos below.
      We also did a bit of succession planting today. We planted buckwheat for the bees where the onions once grew and carrots replaced the parsley that never really grew. We also had time for some weeding, garden clean-up and harvesting, of course.   - Celia

Mitchell working on the willow screen

Megan selects a willow whip

The screen is complete

Mitchell, Colin, Julia and Megan with the completed and installed willow screen

Julia braided some onions

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