Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 20th, 2011

      Today we looked at the garden and realized that two tasks needed to get done. We had to weed a lot in the vegetable garden and we also had to mulch the vegetable garden. Mrs. Martin then decided to ask Mrs. Flores, Carly, Julia and myself who would like to do which tasks. Julia and Carly decided to weed and the rest of us decided to mulch. The mulch that the garden uses is not the kind you buy at a store. We get it from Royersford Borough and it mostly contains leaves. Mulching prevents weeds and helps to keep the soil moist. It was during this time that Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Flores both realized what it meant to be mulching with Crocs on. (see the Looking Back section below) By the end of the morning, Julia and Carley had weeded the entire vegetable garden! -Colin
Looking Back:

"Crocs + No Socks + Mulch = really dirty feet!" -Mrs. Martin

"Can't wait to eat the ripe tomatoes!" -Mrs. Flores

"Gotta love mulching!" -Colin

"Gardening is one of the brilliances of life!" -Carly

Julia weeding the vegetables

Carley weeding in the squash patch

Dirty feet (see "Looking Back", above)

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