Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27th, 2011

      Today we had a very busy day. Jacob, Edward, Megan and Willie finished and then tested the irrigation system and it works marvelously!! The plants and I thank you all! Drip irrigation is a great water saver because it waters only where you need it on the tops of the beds and the slow dripping action allows the water to sink deeply to the roots. Tamara, Karen, Carly and Trinity (Karen''s daughter) harvested sweet basil and hung it on the drying rack in neat, little fragrant bundles. Julia, Colin and I worked on weeding the beans and corn and replanting bean seeds where there were spaces in the rows. Then we all worked on harvesting oregano to be dried. THEN we actually posted this blog! Thanks again Colin. When we come back on Wednesday - GARLIC!!                -Celia

Looking Back:

"That was fun and hot and really hard and interesting. It was fun to cut the basil. It was really fun!" - Trinity

"I can't wait until the tomatoes ripen!" - Karen

"Wow! We accomplished a lot today!" - Celia

"The irrigation system is done. 13 psi and strong!" - Colin

Edward, Jacob, Megan and Willie hoeing the broom corn

Tamara, Willie, Carly, Trinity, Karen and Megan bundling sweet basil

Julia hoeing beans

Willie and Karen hanging the basil bundles

Tucking tomatoes and harvesting basil

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