Monday, June 27, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

      When we walked through the garden today, we got to introduce it to our new workers: Jacob, Edward, Tamara, Willie and Megan. We did our weekly bird check and, according to Mrs. Martin's definition, some of us became "Bird Prodigies" because of our ability to quickly identify which kind of bird lived in each box just by looking at the nest. Birds are an excellent way to control unwanted insects in the garden. Swallows eat flying insects and bluebirds and wrens eat caterpillars. After checking the 17 birdhouses that are spaced around the garden perimeter, we weeded and mulched the gourds and the beans. First, some of us took stirrup hoes and just went around the beds loosening up the soil and eliminating of the small weeds. The rest of us went to the gigantic mulch pile and started loading and hauling wheelbarrow upon wheelbarrow of mulch. Even with about eight of us altogether, it took several hours to get the job done (give or take a nice water break here and there due to the hot weather). -Colin  

Looking Back:

"Perserverence is key." -Carly

"Yabba Dabba Do, we're done!" -Willie

"Swallows are a garden's best friend." -Megan

"You are what you eat." -Tamara

"It was a warm day today, and there will be many more to come" -Colin

Inspecting the weeding and mulching job
Jacob and Willie with lots of mulch

The beautiful result

Our "Mountain of mulch"

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