Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday July 14, 2011

Today was a very productive day. We started by doing some basic garden tasks. Megan watered the herb circle, Julia and Carly harvested mint, Jacob and Edward harvested yellow cosmos and coreopsis for dye, and Tamara, Willie, Colin and Mitchell harvested the squash and cucumbers. Then we went into full production! By the end of the morning we had five quarts of sauerkraut started, a bucket of brined pickles fermenting, twelve bags of chopped and blanched squash in the freezer and four trays of peeled and sliced garlic in the dehydrator. Whew! Everybody really worked hard! It is so satisfying to work so hard, see the results and to look forward to eating food more delicious than what you can buy in any store.   -Celia

Looking Back

"Garlic is painful" -Carly

"Garlic is a sticky situation" - Megan

"Mitchell is a cowboy hat thief" - Willie

"I like pickles" - Tamara

"Garlic and pickles and sauerkraut, OH MY!" - Mitchell

"Carley has a creative approach to life" - Julia

"Pickling is awesome" - Colin

"We are manly professional flower pickers" - Jacob and Edward

"It is amazing to see what can be accomplished in one morning" - Celia

Julia and Carly harvest the mint

      Jacob and Edward harvest flowers for dye into their manly baskets!

Pickling cucumbers. Soon to be pickles!

Summer squash in many shades of yellow and green.

Mitchell helps to blanch the squash before freezing.

Colin makes sauerkraut.

The dill heads that went into the pickles.

Willie and Tamara peel, peel, peel the garlic.

Willie still peeling.
Garlic juice is very sticky and makes you feel like your fingers are covered in glue.

After peeling, the garlic is sliced and put on trays to be dehydrated.
Later it will be ground into the best garlic powder ever.
Julia and Jacob peeling away!

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