Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

      After some general garden maintenance that included removing weeds and water sprouts from the bases of the apple trees, we harvested more squash, basil and raspberries (and a few onions). The raspberries and basil went into the freezer and the squash went into the refridgerator until tomorrow. We also took the garlic that has been drying for a few weeks and trimmed the roots and tops and removed the outer, dirty layer of "paper" to reveal some beautiful white garlic bulbs.     
      We had another mini-feast at the end of the day. Julia made some buttermilk cheese that was so creamy and we ate it with multigrain chips and some of the leftover fresh-herb panir cheese that we made last week. Carly made some squash bread at home (with pecans!) and it was super delicious. Food always tastes better when it is made with ingredients that you have grown yourself!      -Celia

Looking Back

"I have intense garlic breath" - Karen

"Cucumber!" - Carly

"That's a lot of garlic!" - Colin

"I like cheese" - Mitchell

"Gardening is all about food" - Celia

The garlic is ready for trimming

Colin, Carly, Julia and Mitchell trim up the garlic
Celia hauling weeds to the compost pile

Carly and Julia with freshly picked raspberries

Beauty and abundance

Carly and Julia harvest a few onions

The finished garlic

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