Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We haven't been in the garden for five days and everything has really grown! Carly came by twice over the long holiday weekend to water our baby parsley, feed the cat and tuck the tomatoes. She also ran the irrigation while she was here and that is really helping the plants to grow quickly. We need rain! Mitchell joined us today and will be working with us for the rest of the summer, so Jacob and Tamara taught him how to monitor the birdhouses. More baby bluebirds have hatched! Julia, Tamara and Carly spent the morning getting the dried basil out of the dehydrators, crushing the leaves and putting them into bags. They then moved on to harvesting more Dyer's Coreopsis flowers for drying and then dyeing. Edward, Jacob, Willie, Mitchell and I worked on potting up some willow saplings that were rooted in a bucket of water, watering patio plants and parsley, tucking tomatoes and weeding the herb circle. We had our first harvest of yellow summer squash and tomorrow we will make zucchini bread with it.                     -Celia

Looking Back

"Flowers are serenity" - Carly

"I love inch worms!" - Tamara

"I can't wait to make cheese!" - Julia

"Dishwashed!!" - Willie and Edward (who washed a sink full of dishes and then washed the sink too!)


Tamara & Julia strip dried basil leaves from the stalks

Carly found a tomato hornworm

Mitchell tucks the tomatoes back into their cages
Tamara harvests more Dyer's Coreopsis for drying

Tamara & Willie with the yellow squash

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