Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday July 7, 2011

      The garden is thriving! The hot, sunny days combined with the deep irrigation is making the plants lush and beautiful. We picked even more yellow squash today and made seven loaves of beautiful and delicious "zucchini bread". I didn't realize that so many of our workers knew how to cook! As soon as they got the recipe, they all flew around the kitchen collecting what they needed and before I knew it the air was filling with the wonderful aromatic scent of cinnamon. Julia and Mitchell were even more adventurous - They took nothing but milk and lemons and, after much stirring and demanding of the milk to "Bubble! Bubble! Bubble! Bubble!" from Julia, it finally boiled and a beautiful white, mild cheese was created. Then Julia went out to the garden and picked many kinds of fresh herbs and sprinkled the minced herbs over the finished cheese. After Megan's careful tending of the zucchini bread in the oven, they were finally ready and we feasted on warm sliced bread and fresh herb cheese with multigrain chips. Ah! This is why we garden! At first Willie wanted to pick the grated squash out of his "squash bread" but realizing the futility of it, he ate a sample. It was love at first bite and he ended up wanting seconds, so we sliced up a second loaf. Willie prefers to call it "cinnamon bread" because he doesn't want to think about the squash and that is what it tasted like - cinnamon.
      We caught a ground hog today. It has been chewing the herbs, flowers and vegetable tops. It virtually de-leafed several pumpkin plants. It was one of the fattest ground hogs I have ever seen! Tamara named it "Chester" and it will be relocated.
      Tamara also helped me to inspect our six honeybee colonies. One died but the rest are in good shape. We even added a honey super to one of them. Of course, we had to sample some of the honey with our fingers while we had the hives open. Jacob and Edward worked on watering the herb circle which is not irrigated and was getting very dry. Toward the end of the morning, we all worked on cutting grape vines out of the apple trees. The little apples are already starting to get red.                     -Celia

Looking Back
"Normal is overrated"  -Megan

"Don't you dare hurt Chester the groundhog!" - Carly

"Always try cinnamon bread!" - Willie

"Beekeeping!" - Tamara

"The milk wouldn't boil!" - Julia

"Cheesemaking - add that to my resume" -Mitchell

Chester - caught in the act!

Julia stirring milk for cheese
Jacob & Edward, Tamara & Willie making zucchini bread
Tamara & Celia check the bees
Fresh herbed cheese and warm zucchini bread - Yum!!

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